Our Services

Legal Advice

The heart of a legal service is actually providing legal advice. Legal advice is given before an issue starts or after an issue arises. Wan Juhrah & Co provides free legal advise for clients to enquire their position in law with regards to a litigation and non-contentious case including legal strategies.

 Should you have legal enquiries, please do not hesitate to arrange for an appointment, call or email us at enquiries@wanjuhrahlaw.com.my

Civil Claim & Defense

Civil claim and defense may arise from contractual, tourtuous, family, trust, or other relationships. One or both parties have decided to go to dispute resolution channels such as arbitration, mediation, adjudication or the court to settle their differences.

Clients may want to claim, defense or even appeal against injury claim, negligence, breach of contract, breach of trust or others may first arrange for an appointment to discuss the matter. This legal advise will be given free, until a file is open.

Criminal Defense

Whether you are guilty or not is the issue when it comes to criminal defense. A lawyer will have to represent his client to the best of his ability and fight for the client. Everyone has the right to defend himself against criminal charges, a right ensured by our constitution.

In the event of a client found guilty or even admit to a charge, a lawyer is still under duty to request for the lowest possible punishment from the court.

Non-contentious Matter

Not all cases that goes to are contentious in nature. Some are non-contentious. Those are usually cases going for a court order or a declaration.

A classics example are the grant of Administration, the Power of Attorney or the order of Probate.

Agreement / Contract

An important part of commercial transaction is the agreement / contract.

Wan Juhrah & Co can help you prepare a contract agreement and can even vet the contract that you have written. Wan Juhrah & Co can also provide legal advise prior to you signing an agreement.

Property Transactions

A major part of legal services involves in handling the procedural part of property transactions. Wan Juhrah provide conveyancing services particularly in transfer of property, sales and purchase of property, tenancy, lease, discharge of charge, easement, and other immocable property transactions

Call in to request for quotation.

Government Servant Financing

Wan Juhrah & Co is a panel for LPPSA financing. Government personnel who wish to apply for this facility may contact us. This facility is provided to the government servants for housing purposes.

Wan Juhrah & Co shall help in managing and completing the trasaction to finance your dream home.

Foster Child

Fostering a child can be tricky and confusing. Wan Juhrah & Co will be able to provide services to get the child registered legally. Have a piece of mind for yourself and your loved one.

Bankruptcy / Winding Up

Bankrupcy and winding up are one of the many methods to enforce a judgment. Other method to enforce a judgment includes commital, garnishee, judgment debtor summons, etc.

Contact us if you would like to enforce a judgment or would like to prevent such action for the opposing party.

Employment Disputes

Employment dispute usually arises between the worker and the employer. The disputes can end up labour court, industrial court or even normal court. Usually, employment dispute arrise due to termination of a worker. However, there can also be other disputes such as union disputes.

Wan Juhrah & Co has been representing both the employer and the employer in Employment or Workplace disputes.


Syariah law affect only Muslims. Most of Syariah law cases involves with family matter such as marriage, dissolution of marriage, inheritance, and lineage.

However, Syariah law cases may involve criminal law and matter with regards to Islamic faith in general.